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How to Start Planning a Wedding: First Steps

I’m so happy, I’m finally engaged! And now, what shall I do? Where shall I start from?

Not sure where to begin? We walk you through the process.

Step-by-step guide

Questions you shall ask to yourself:

  1. Where do I want to get married?

    In my homeland or abroad in Italy or elsewhere? Select a Country and select a Region also based on point n. 2

  2. Which type of wedding do I want?

    I want an elegant wedding in a luxury location, a boho-chic wedding in a countryside Villa, a wedding by the Seaside or a wedding near the Lake, etc…To select a wedding venue in Rome check out this Article.

  3. Do I want to celebrate a religious wedding or a symbolic wedding? 

    The answer will influence the choice of the villa because you shall find a venue that is near the church or that has enough space outdoor or indoor to celebrate your wedding.

  4. How many guests do I want to invite?

    The latter question is important because you shall select a location that fits all your guests both outdoor and indoor (or you shall rent a marquee)

  5. What’s my wedding budget?

    The latter is an important question you shall think about before starting to plan. A wedding venue that costs € 5 k won’t be the same of a location that costs € 150 k, a flower arrangement that costs € 5 k won’t be the same of a flower arrangement that costs € 50 k. You will agree on that right? So draft a breakdown cost sheet to keep all the numbers under control. It should look like this

Cost Breakdown Sheet

Now that you have an idea of what you want, lets start!

Ok, I selected a few Wedding Location in the Country I like. Now what?

Before confirming a Venue keep in mind several topics:

  • Check out the cost of plan A in case of sun and plan B in case of rain:

Can all your guests fit indoors? Do you need to rent a marquee? Rember that marquees are very expensive, they go up to € 40 / square meter.

  • Check out the cost of any mandatory vendors:

    The risk is that the venue is cheap but all the mandatory vendors are the most expensive in town. That would be trouble for your wedding budget!

  • Check out the end time of the Party:

    In fact, a lot of location have time limits and the party shall end before 1:00 am or allows you to party only indoors. That means that if you want to party all night long, you shall shrink your list of wedding locations.

If you want to check out other suggestions check out also this article on Brides.com


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