Wedding Send-off Inspiration. Exit in Style

A wedding send-off historically it’s a magical moment at the end of the wedding reception where the couple says goodbye to guests and hello to their new life together.

Nowadays it’s a magical moment that you can plan in any moment of the wedding, such as the arrival of the couple to the reception, the cut of the cake, the first dance.


1. If your send-off will take place when it is getting dark outside

There are ways to brighten up the path. For example, sparklers and glowsticks are two ideas that will light up the night and create fabulous opportunities for unique wedding photos. The glowsticks can be wearable so the guests can use them for the party as well! If you would like something more than the small wearable glowsticks, you can purchase larger glow batons or fiber optic wands online.


2. There are many creative possibilities for wedding send-offs that take place while it is light out.

Whether you prefer classic flower petals or something unique like bubbles, there are so many ways to personalize your grand exit. If you lean towards more traditional preferences, you may like your guests to throw rose petals, dried lavender buds, or white confetti (so called “coriandoli”). If you choose to use confetti, it is best to use biodegradable confetti in order to stay eco-friendly. Lavender buds are perfect for pastel weddings, they also offer a delicate fragrance. Lavender buds can be purchased in pre-filled sachets or in bulk.


3. Other less-traditional ideas that work best when it is light outside.

Choose paper airplanes, bubbles, ribbon wands, and streamers. If you decide to use ribbon wands, you can attach ribbons to the end of dowel rods. Your guests will wave these in the air creating a festive exit tunnel. To start off the party, streamer cannons do the trick. For a cohesive look with both ribbon wands and streamers, stick to your wedding colors or classic white. Bubbles create a magical atmosphere and can be fun for young guests to use throughout the event. If paper airplanes seem like a perfect sendoff theme for your special day, think about making the seating cards paper airplanes so they can be used again for the send-off.


We hope that these ideas inspire you to be creative with choosing a wedding send-off. Whichever send-off you choose, make sure you keep your photographer in the loop so they can take some amazing action shots!


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