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Things to know before hiring a drone operator

Drones…long used for aerial surveillance by the military are now appearing in the skies above events and weddings.

Pictures and videos made by drone are AMAZING! Now, we can get a 360-degree view of our weddings which is simply amazing!

But, before signing a contract with the photographer or videographer to have the drone, read this article!

Church and Venue Restrictions

Even if many churches, hotels and wedding venues allow drone usage, others have strict rules about it. Many properties consider it as an invasion of their other guests’ privacy. That’s why they can deny the use of the drone or allow flight only directly above your reception and ceremony areas. 

However, it’s not so surprising. I mean, who wants to become part of somebody else’s wedding video while relaxing by the pool in a bathing suit?

So be sure to check out policies before signing a contract!

If you want to see a wedding filmed by a drone, visit our Instagram account @ebcevents and click on the IGT video “Villa Aurelia: a drone around our beautiful location in Rome”

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