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Bachelorette parties are great occasions to celebrate the bride-to-be before the big day. They have to be special and unique… in one world memorable! That is why, planning the actual event is little more stressful. But don’t panic, take a deep breath and check out these 10 tips about doing a bachelorette party that’ll make everything easier, so that you can celebrate the best bash ever!

1. Make It Personal

This party is for the bride, so make sure you know what she wants! Ask specific questions to create the right vibe: casual evening or crazy weekend ? Spa day or fancy dinner? Listen to her preferences and forget about your personal expectations (i.e., maybe you love the idea of loud dance clubs, but that’s not what she likes, or she wants red and white wine while you would opt for strong cocktails…).

Approach the same to other elements of the party, such as food, games, presents and so on. Make sure it is tailored to who the bride is and her tastes. Then, do your best to do a party aligned with how she would lovethe day or weekend going.

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2. Don’t Overschedule

Even if it seems that bachelorette parties nowadays have a super detailed itinerary, you don’t need to plan a bunch of stuff to do. After all, being together and hanging out is the only priority! However, you want extra time for all the little things: getting ready, chatting over snacks, traveling to and from places, and simply relaxing. And for sure: someone will always be late, so arrive at least thirty minutes before you have to be anywhere. Be FLEXIBLE and remember that everything will might take longer than you expect, but that’s okay.

3. Do Have a Back-Up Plan

For any reason, your best-laid plans may not go perfectly, so have back-up options in mind. Someone’s flight is delayed or even worst, the bride says she no longer *feels like* doing whatever you had planned. Just keep cool, switch plans and express the best of your ability. If you’ll stay calm, you’ll set the positive-vibes tone for everyone else and the party will go great.

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4. Don’t Underestimate Cost

Remainder: if you’re not careful, the list of expenses never ends. Tip (very precious tip): set a budget with the bride, reach out people on the invite list, and then stick to it. Very important as well: consider who is going to pay for the bride’s portion and tell how much everyone is going to pay in ADVANCE. Will the host pay for all of it? Will the restaurant offer a set menu? Better to figure it out before! And if someone declines due to cost, don’t take it personally.

5. Do Ask for Social Media Permission

Nowadays, there’s a hashtag for any kind of parties, especially bachelorette party! It is super fun but may or may not be appropriate. Speak to the bride through the social media etiquette: Does she want to be tagged in a million posts/selfies/ig stories? Does she agree with sharing videos and photos post-party? As everyone knows, what goes on the internet stays on the internet, so be thoughtful about what gets public to keep everyone’s comfort level, reputation and career intact.

6. Don’t Stress About the Invite List

Don’t invite anyone not invited to the wedding, unless the bride asks for it for any reason. Obviously, this does not mean that you should feel like you have to invite EVERYONE. It’s intended to be for the closest to the bride, thus it can be just a few people or a big group. And if someone is invited that you don’t like, know that it doesn’t care at all! You’re not the bride 😉

7. Do Ask for Help

Once you’ve a plan, a guest list and a budget, you are at great point… but be aware that together with the help of someone else you will totally be in the piece! Let people handle what they’re good at instead of trying to manage a million things on your own. If someone has a very creative mind, have that person come up with fun games and things to do; if someone else is a big foodie, ask him/her to take care of brunch.

8. Don’t Drink and Drive

Companies like Uber or Lyft, as the old school taxi service, can definitely ensure everyone’s safety! If that’s the case, you have to come up with the logistics including them. Be always thoughtful and forward-looking. After all, if somebody insists they’re “fine” to drive home, you very well understand that it is not okay. Thus, don’t drink and drive. Just don’t.

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9.  Let Go Traditional Expectations

Bachelorette parties are always toted as the “last night as a single woman out in the town” or a sterotypical picture of girls wearing black dresses with flirty sashes. However, it’s simply an opportunity to celebrate a very special person getting married. This means that: there are no rules! You can plan an entire weekend abroad, a one-nightadventure, a girls night with lots of pizza and 90s flicks, or a totally sober event. Let the bride say what she feels best for her, and get creative!

10. Don’t Forget the Fiancé!

One of the best elements of a bachelorette party is remembering the fiancé somehow! Anything goes—from a full on Q&A sessions where the bride has to take a shot for every answer she guesses wrong to a cute video message played at the beginning of the night. Make the bride’s partner feel a part of the party, and remind the bride that she did a very important promise 🙂

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