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Wedding favors ideas

Each and every bride dreams to prepare a wedding in a perfect way. Of course, a bride pays a lot of attention to choosing her dress, style of the wedding, wedding flowers.

Have you ever thought about getting also small presents for your guests on your wedding day?A small present for guests is a great way to express your gratitude and to share your happiness

To give to an international wedding a twist of authentic Italian wedding, why not purchasing Italian gifts for them? In Italy we call that present “Bomboniere”. Traditionally the couple offers candy-coated almonds (so called “confetti”), given out in small bags. These sweets can be of different tastes and colors. Nowadays the confetti go along with a personalized gift, the so called wedding favors.

Wedding Favors or Wedding Gifts

Whether you are not giving wedding favors to your guests, you can purchase only Confetti in bulk. You can serve them to guests in potiches/trays without making them part of the wedding favor. If that’s your case, contact one of the most known Factories that produce confetti: Pelino Sulmona.

Viceversa if you want to give a little present to your guests, buy hand-painted porcelain boxes to keep Confetti and place them on a table near the exit. Another option is that of using the wedding favor to decorate your wedding tables. Start your research by checking out Ecriteau shop and Il Fiocco Bomboniere.

In the event you want exclusive handmade wedding favors, check out the IG profile of Allegra Calligrafa, and that of Antonietta Mazzotti .

A must-have is also ceramic pots from Deruta, Umbria: they hand-paint on the ceramic the couple’s initials and wedding date.

Another very special idea could be that of committing a personalized painting, for which I would contact Maria Carlotta Varrenti, from Eau de Papier.

Hope that this information will be useful for your wedding planning process!

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