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4 Tips for Bridesmaids

From personal experience, I can tell that choosing a bridesmaid is not an easy decision.

Without a doubt, being a bridesmaid is really exciting, but it is also a real job to be a bridesmaid on a wedding.

In fact, being a bridesmaid can be even somehow compared to signing- in for the part-time job.

If you are going to be a bridesmaid, you should remember:
  • On this day you will be one of the most important people for a bride.
  • You can make this day even more special for her.
So, here are 4 things you have to do if you are a bridesmaid:

1. First of all, it is important for a bridesmaid to support the bride emotionally.
For each and every bride wedding day is very emotional, full of different emotions, smiles, tears.

Above all, it bridesmaid job to be the bride’s help and support. The bride probably can’t complain to her groom, so it’s your job to listen to her, and to be her best friend during such situations. You can always say something comforting to a bride. For instance: “Wedding planning REALLY seems to be stressing you out. Let’s take a break from wedding tasks and go for a walk or something.”

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2. Secondly, help with all wedding tasks.

Always know your strong sides. Your individual skills and talents always matter. For example, you are good at crafts, don’t forget to tell it. Be active, and always be near the bride for helping her.

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3. Get ready with a bride on wedding day.

The best thing you can do, as a bridesmaid is to be with her the whole day.

  • You can help her to prepare all small details.
  • To do make-up, help with the wedding dress.
  • Set the right mood.

Most important moment is getting ready. The bridesmaids usually travel to the wedding ceremony with the mother of the bride, as traditionally the bride goes with her dad. The bridesmaids should arrive at the ceremony ten minutes before the bride.





4. In conclusion, don’t forget to celebrate this special day and to be the life and soul of the party.

  • Make sure guests are having a good time.
  • Be the first on the dance floor.

                          …. and party ALL NIGHT LONG!

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