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5 tips for brides on a Wedding Day

The Day of your wedding has finally come.

From my experience, I know that the whole wedding planning process can be hard.

But here are out top 5 wedding day tips on how to make your day  special it:

1. Get a good rest.
The wedding day is the happiest day in life, but it is very important to get emotionally ready for it. The most important thing is that you get a good rest and sleep well before the wedding.
It is your day, you need to be full of energy and happy:

  •  Good sleep.
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Beautiful calm morning preparation.


2. Pay a lot of attention to your comfort.
Of course for each bride it is important to feel herself incredibly beautiful on the wedding day. On the other hand, it is not important to feel comfortable in all the things you wear during this special day.

Wedding is extremely long day.

You need to feel yourself very good in the shoes, dress, and all other accessories. It is a good idea to have a pair of ballet flats with you. Believe me!  The wedding dress should be in a perfect harmony with you.

You should feel yourself in it like a princess of your own fairytale

3. The perfect wedding morning.
Talking about the morning of the wedding day, it is important to choose the best place for you where you can start getting ready. It has to be a bright room with big windows.
Certainly, the photographer and videographer should come before you finish your preparations to take some photos.  Calm atmosphere, good light and fresh make up will help you feel yourself confident and the result will definitely satisfy you.
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4. Leave Extra Time.
Make sure you allow some more time in your wedding day schedule. Things can happen and you don’t want to feel rushed out the door if timings run over! For example, try to be ready at least an hour before your ceremony begins. This means you can be relaxed, calm down a bit, listen to some music, and focus on everything else you need.

5. And finally expect The Unexpected
In conclusion, having a plan is always great, however you should be prepared that something can go differently from your plan and it is absolutely fine. For instance, you can not be prepared for everything. Whatever happens, you can laugh about later with your husband. That is to say that no one is paying the attention to all the details as you are.

To sum up…the most important thing is that you are marrying to the person you LOVE!

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