Eco wedding- a new romantic trend


Eco style is a big trend nowadays not only in wedding planning, but also in the style of life. As people of the 21 century care a lot about environment, that`s why it is not a surprise that more and more couples chose to organise their wedding in the eco- friendly style. Today I will give you some advice on how to organise your amazing, original, special, and most-importantly eco- friendly wedding day

1. Eco- friendly wedding invitations
You can start organizing such kind of wedding, even thinking about the way you can do your wedding invitations. Today, with the creation of technology, it is much easier to stay ethical to nature. You can do it either electronically using Paperless Post (or try Paperless Wedding), or If you want actual invites, try using recycled paper that can be easily recycled again, or recycled wildflower seed paper that can be easily planted.

2. Natural colors
The colors that define the eco wedding are the colors of nature, such as: green, blue, grey, beige, brown, etc. Think about beautiful, light, dreamy palette, what can be more suitable for your celebration. The boho and botanic styles give a wide range of choice for the decorations and interpretations.

3. Wedding dress
Into wedding dress fashion slowly but confidently enter elegant simple dresses made of organic cotton and linen. Sounds very tender and dreamy right? Furthermore, the gowns, made of these materials are extremely comfy and this is another advantage of such dresses.

4. Zero- waste catering

It’s no secret that there is a-lot left over at the end of a wedding, such as food from people’s plates, leftover food, alcohol bottles and disposables. How your venue approaches these issues will vary so don’t be afraid to ask. Does the venue compost their leftovers? Are they open to donating left overs? When enough couples ask, businesses will listen!

5. Grown flowers- a new trend
If we talk about the flower decoration, you should be careful, as many of the flowers are made overseas and filled with nasty fertilizers, which are not good for the environment. If you want to use eco-friendly wedding flowers instead, make sure you source them from local companies. Local wedding flowers will be chemical free and all the better if they are in-season. This is also a good way to support local businesses and it can be a handy cost saver too. Flowers shipped from abroad often have expensive costs attached to them.
It is great that today there is a great number of farmer-florists popping up, as well as florists who specialise in foraged florals! It is easy today to get connections with the grower faster. Just always remember to let know the florists about the flowers, their colours and exact style that you want. And then let them use all their fantasy to help you to create something special.


So, as you can see, it is not difficult to organise such an original “Пreen” wedding. Of course it requires work, dedication, but all wedding preparations do, and the result can be amazing. Good luck on your magical unforgettable wedding day.

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