Planning Ahead: Winter Wedding Ideas 

As it is August winter is probably the last thing on your mind, but weddings are usually planned far in advance so we wanted to share some ideas and inspirations for winter weddings. These ideas are particularly shared with winter weddings in mind but can be creatively adjusted or interpreted into other seasons. While winter weddings are not as common as other seasons, there are many benefits to having your wedding in the winter months. There is increased availability of venues, the winter light is usually less harsh so it is perfect for photos, and many people have time off work around the holiday season. Hiring a wedding planner to curate your wedding festivities will make the process more fun and organized and result in your ideal day. There are many ways to create a magical wedding in a winter wonderland, here are a few tips!

Winter greenery details: Use pine accents or other winter greenery on wedding invitations, along the aisle, incorporated into the place settings and even in the bouquet. Pine gives a classy winter vibe to any aspect of the wedding and using it multiple times around the wedding can bring together the pieces to feel more coordinated.
Magical lighting: Certain lighting arrangements can create a cozy and warm atmosphere at winter weddings. For example, lanterns filled with candles can light the aisle, act as the centerpiece of reception tables, hang from trees, etc. String lights can also contribute to a magical atmosphere, creating a true winter wonderland wedding. 

Winter color palates & florals: Mix dark colors into the palate to create a winter feel such as dark red and maroon, dark purple, or other darker shades. Bright florals can clash sometimes with a winter wedding theme unless you aim to create a color statement. Work dark greenery or other winter accents into your bouquets such as pine or pine cones.

Creative extras: Planning a wedding in the winter opens up an opportunity to really have fun with the details. Have a hot chocolate bar or s’mores bar at the reception, have blankets for your guests to keep warm with if it’s chilly, there are many opportunities for festive seasonal creativity!


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