Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Having the guests write in a guest book of some sorts at your wedding is a wonderful way to preserve memories to look back on in the future. Guest books are not always simple books in which your friends and loved ones will share memories and messages with the bride and groom, some people have gotten much more creative with the concept of theĀ Guest Book. Explained here are a few unique options for those who want to get creative with wedding details.

First off, as seen above, there is a “Time Capsule” guest book. To set this up you will need three jars and little slips of paper. Guests will write down memories, notes, and good wishes for the couple. One jar will be opened in 5 years, one in 10 years, and the other in 15 years, so these can be read on various anniversaries for years to come!

Another idea is the polaroid guestbook. Provide a polaroid camera and lots of film so guests can take a snapshot and write a note on the polaroid. These can then be hung on strings in an empty frame or taped into an empty scrapbook. Regardless of which style is chosen, this strategy creates both visual and written memories that turn into a beautiful keepsake.

The bucket list is perfect for the adventurous couple. Set a decorated bucket on a table with a notepad, pens, and a sign asking guests too write down something for the couple to add to their bucket list. They can leave notes, plans, ideas, and adventures. The couple will be inspired by the suggestions and the guests will be able to play a part in the couples adventure planning.

For something simpler, ask each guest to sign or write a brief note on a wooden heart that they can then drop into a frame, creating a memorable piece of art that can be kept and appreciated in the home. The style of the frame can vary from shaped frames to extravagant vintage frames, depending on the style of your wedding. Good luck finding the perfect guest book for your wedding!

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