Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas

Personal Style

Even the details of a wedding should reflect your personal style. Wedding invitations are the first glance at your wedding, so make sure that first impression is true to you! There are so many possibilities for wedding invitations, we will share with you some creative and unconventional ideas that may fit your style.

“Tie the knot” wedding invitation

The latter invitation ties a literal knot inside the card. This idea can be personalized and details adjusted to all different color schemes or wedding themes!


Film canister invitation card

A film canister wedding invite is perfect for the film buffs or creatives. This type of invitation shouts vintage glamour and could be the perfect first impression of your wedding.



Concert ticket invitation card

Whether you’re a music lover, concert ticket wedding invitations can reflect so many different styles in a fun and unique way. Whether you make them simple and chic, or bright and colorful, concert tickets can harness your particular wedding style and impress your guests with creativity.



Vinyl invitation

With a vinyl record wedding invitation, you can share with your guests some of your wedding songs to get them excited for the wedding! This record will also be a memento to remind you and your guests of your special day. For a fun addition, take a picture of you and your soon to be bride/groom to serve as the album cover art for another personal touch.


“Love Grows” invitation card

Print your wedding invitations on seed-embedded paper. Once your guests are done with the invitation they can moisten and plant it to grow their own wildflowers. This is a beautiful and creative idea for anyone, as the invitations can be designed in any way, from elegant to casual to quirky, as long as they use seed-embedded paper!




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