Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Choose the perfect bridesmaid gift to show your appreciation. After all the support they gave you as bridesmaids it is important to say a genuine thank you to these women who were an important part of your special day. Give them something that they will use and treasure as a memory of this experience!

Personalized bracelets are a classy and chic gift for all of the bridesmaids. These bracelets can be simple enough to be worn often, and remind your bridesmaids of this special day. Ask everyone to wear their matching bracelets on the wedding day!


Fun gifts for your bridal party are matching robes! Everyone can wear these getting ready for the wedding, and for fun group preparation pictures. This is a gift that they will surely use again after the wedding.



For a handmade gift for your favorite women, give them each a special illustration of the two of you. This can be framed for them so they can easily hang it up and keep it as a memory. / IrinaIllustration





A carry-on champagne cocktail¬†kit is a very fun and unique gift to give your bridesmaids. They can continue the celebration while they’re on the plane ride home! Pair this with a sleeping mask for a great post-wedding travel kit!

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