What Does a Wedding Planner Do?


I often receive questions about my job and the various services that wedding planners can offer to couples. For this reason, I decided to answer all your recurring doubts concerning the wedding planner profession. In reality, the service I offer is not predictable and fixed; in fact, it changes according to the clients’ requests and needs. The first step consists in a conversation between the wedding planner and the couple, during which they get to know each other and the clients illustrate their wishes and plans for their special day. The wedding planner, then, will try to find out more details thanks to a series of questions and she will also explain her working method. The services offered by wedding planners can be different. In our case, the three main services we offer are: Wedding Planner, Wedding Designer and Wedding Day Coordinator, or a hybrid of the three, depending on the couple’s needs. Each type of service has its own cost, which will then be arranged with the couple according to what will be chosen by them to realize their dream wedding. Establishing a budget for a wedding can take some time, as often the couple does not have the slightest idea of ​​the incurring expenses needed to fulfill their requests. In this case it will be the wedding planner to help you turn your requests into a detailed budget and to understand if all their expectations can be realized.

Wedding Planner

Our goal, if you choose a wedding planning service, will consist in making your planning experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Expert hands will lead you throughout the process of organization, until the day of your marriage. We will contact for you the best suppliers in the area, after listening to your ideas and setting a realistic budget. You will not have to think about anything, we will deal with the suppliers and collect quotes and contracts for you, so you can fully enjoy the realization of your unique wedding, without worrying about the possible problems that could arise.

Wedding Designer

We will plan your dream wedding with you, listening and trying to fulfill every desire you can have. We know that every couple is unique, this is why we work with a few couples at a time, in order to have more time available to get to know each other better and to discover your personal tastes. We try to fulfill all your requests and to always go beyond what you want, selecting a team of professionals able to make all your wishes come true.

Wedding Day Coordinator

This service is right for you if you are already done with most of the organization but you still look for someone who can coordinate your wedding day. We will take care of the organization of all the details, leaving you only the task of having fun and enjoying all the precious moments. To achieve this, we will meet about a month before the event to create a detailed program of the wedding day. From this moment on, we will send the timing to the sellers and take care of them.

Once the necessary service and budget are established, we proceed with the search for the location. This step can be rather laborious, since the wedding planner will have to understand and interpret the emotions that the various locations will arise to the couple and make them coincide with the evaluation of prices, optional services and availability.

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As a third step, the wedding planner will propose you a list of expert suppliers for the realization of your project, and will help you in your final choice. In the case of Destination Weddings, the job of the wedding planner will be even more important because she will have to deal with the whole selection process, so the experience of a professional in the field is essential.

Let’s not forget all the other small (but still important) tasks that the wedding planner will cover, such as the help in selecting the wedding dress, the menu, the wedding cake, not to mention the Wedding Stationery, like the invitations, placeholders, mass booklets, tableau, etc. The duty of us wedding planners is to realize every dream or yours and to make your wedding day unique and unforgettable!

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