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How to Choose Your Wedding Church?

In this article you will find some suggestions for you wedding church. When to start choose the church, in which way, and the best place for it.

The proposal has taken place, and you have decided to tie the knot in one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world.

Most important, the planning process starts, and one of your first moves should include the choice of the church.

Firstly, I suggest you to start looking for it one year in advance. In fact, many churches get booked much before. Moreover, it is important to find a church where custody is available and where the priest has not been reserved yet. Otherwise, it is going to be a nightmare.

Secondly, remember to choose a church that you fall in love with, but  on the other hand that is also near to the place. Once you know the distance between the two, you will have to figure out the transportation for your guests.

It can happened that you jump into some private churches.

They can be very pretty and intimate but try to avoid them. Even if they are consecrate. For example, the Vatican has issued some provisions according to which some sacrament celebrate in private churches are not considered valid.

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One of the most important things:

make sure that the priest is available to celebrate your marriage in your language. In addition, he will have to help you adapt the Mass book to your type of ceremony.

In terms of time of the ceremony, remember to consider that summer can be really hot in Italy. Especially near the coasts and in the south of the country. Therefore, it is better to choose a time of the day in which the temperatures are more moderate.

I suggest you to get married around 5 or 6 pm, in order to start your reception when the sun starts to set down.

For others ideas you can have a look to this article. 

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