10 Unusual Ideas for Escort Cards


You can think of endless ways to arrange your wedding’s escort cards, but you have to admit that it’s always nice when the couple creates unexpected and surprising escort cards. Here you can find ten edible ideas for your wedding that you can take inspiration from!

  1. Macarons – a soft and delicious French dessert, you guests will love it!

    Photo Credits: Amanda Watson

  2. Fresh Olive Oil – a special local treat from Italy, to use for cooking of just as décor.

    Photo Credits: stylemepretty.com

  3. Fruit – to give a touch of color and also super affordable!

    Photo Credits: Flora&Fauna

  4. Lollipops – colorful and joyous, a reminded of children’ lightheartedness.

    Photo Credits: Lindsey Rae Photography

  5. Sugar Cookies – they can mirror the wedding theme in every shape, design or color!

    Photo Credits: Lemiga Events

  6. Honey Jar – experiment different honey flavors and surprise your sweet guests!

    Photo Credit: Sunny 16 Photography

  7. Popcorn Bag – a fun way to entertain your guests and offer them a little treat.

    Photo Credits: The Happy Bloom

  8. Sauce – let your guests enjoy a mini bottle of your favorite sauce.

    Photo Credits: Kay English Photography

  9. Champagne or Lemonade – get the party started with a toast!

    Photo Credits: Closer to Love Family

  10. Candy – fill small cups or jars with candies for your guests.

    Photo Credits: Julia Vandenover

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