Requirements for Canadians

Italian law requires Canadians who want to get married in Italy to provide a Nulla Osta. Since the Canadian Government does not issue it, the couple will have to request one from the Canadian Embassy in Rome or to the Consulate General in Milan.

In order to obtain this declaration, a Canadian Citizen must first prove through an Affidavit, sworn in front of a notary public in Canada or a consular office at the Consulate, that there is no impediment to the marriage.

If the Affidavit is made at the Canadian Consulate, the applicant should present:

  • Valid Canadian Passport
  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship (birth certificate or certificate of Canadian citizenship)
  • Complete details of the future spouse (full name, date and place of birth, residence, father’s name and mother’s maiden name)
  • If divorced or widowed, final divorce decree or death certificate of the previous spouse
  • If under 18 years old, parents or legal guardian’s consent

Keep in mind that in order to get married In Italy, a woman must have terminated her previous marriage at least 300 days before the date of the wedding, otherwise she needs to obtain the consent from the Procura della Repubblica in Italy.

The Nulla Osta must then be presented to the Prefettura Ufficio Legalizzazioni to be formally authenticated and once it has been legalized, it is presented to the marriage Office of the Municipality in Italy. They will then ask the couple to go back after a couple of days with two witnesses and an interpreter, who must be present at the civil marriage ceremony too, to execute a Declaration.

In the case of a religious marriage ceremony performed at a Roman Catholic Church, these documents will have to be presented to the Parish Priest in Italy, together with all documents required by the Church.

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