Tips for Bridesmaids

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The proposal has taken place, both of you are beyond excited to start you wedding planning journey that will end up with the celebration of your love with all your friends and family members. But before the wedding day, the couple has to go through many little steps and choices. One of the first bridal businesses after getting engaged involves assembling the girl crew. The bridesmaids figures are definitely important through the whole planning process, so follow our simple tips in order to make sure your girls will be happy and excited about the special day

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  • How to pick your squad. Prioritize family and very close friends. If you feel overwhelmed by picking your friends, keep it simple by asking family members only.
  • Ask them in a nice way. Think about a special way to ask your girls, in order to show them that you really care about them and that you really appreciate their presence during the planning process, and their help. Create a handmade card or think about a simple present to make them feel loved.
  • Let them know your choices. Plan a girls’ night to go over the wedding plans all together. They will appreciate it and they will have all the information necessary to start planning the bachelorette party.
  • Consider their styles and preferences. Don’t ignore their style, body shapes and budgets.Take their personalities into account and consider letting them pick their own dress in a specific color, so they will all feel comfortable on your wedding day!

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Show a lot of love to your special girls and remember to thank them after the wedding day with a girls’ dinner, show them the wedding photos and videos, and think about a simple “thank-you” present!

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