Rustic Chic Wedding

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Many couples nowadays are choosing a rustic chic design for their wedding.

It is a balance between two different styles: modern and elegant with rustic accessories. Together, these two stiles create a cozy and extremely comfortable atmosphere and the wedding feels warm and welcoming. It is for couples who want their wedding to reflect their natural and comfortable look, who do not want an extremely formal or stuffy celebration.

Now, let’s see what the main characteristics of a rustic chic wedding are, in terms of materials, color palette, etc.

Photo Credits: Dana Grant Photography

In terms of Color palette

In the first place the rustic chic style favors pastels tones and shades, from white to blush, with tonalities of sage green. The atmosphere should be relaxed, preferably with a night outdoor reception.

In terms of materials

Details such as bare wooden tables, light fabrics like chiffon or silk, or raw fabrics like linen or cotton are inevitable. Vintage accessories like jars, bottles or tin vases are also a must, together with many candles and lanterns, both tall and short, singular or in groups, in order to give a harmonic and dynamic rhythm to the location.

Photo Credits: Deer Pearls Flowers


Again, the couple choosing to carry out this theme throughout their wedding is usually simple, but with a little touch of extravagance. For example, a wedding dress that matches this style would be a clean and simple lace dress with floral details, and hairs would also look good if kept down, giving a more natural look. Viceversa, the groom can wear a classic suit with an original tie or bow tie. For example, he could choose a bright color, or an unusual pattern that stands out.

To make long story short

Wooden details in the menu, a wild flowers bouquet and hanging light strings are also important decorations that will create a magic atmosphere!

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