How Can I Choose the Wedding Colors?

Wedding colors set the mood of your wedding. They are a fundamental part of your special day because they stand out in invitation cards, dresses and accessories, centerpieces and bouquets. Maybe you have two favorite colors and you surely want them to represent your wedding, but how do you choose if you don’t have anything in mind?

First, think about your preferences, look around you and your fiancée and try to detect your frequently used colors, which should be the colors you feel comfortable with and that you unconsciously choose to surround yourself with. Try to identify at least two prominent shades that go well together.

Secondly, consider also your venue when choosing your wedding colors. If the location you have chosen has significant colored details, for example a carpet, try to adapt your colors to them to make sure that everything blends together on the wedding day. If you are very flexible in terms of colors, you can even choose them according to your reception site. In this way all your decorations will harmonically flow with the location.

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Thirdly, don’t ignore cues from the season you are getting married in. But don’t be obvious! Try to find unique pairings that tie with the season in an unexpected way. For instance, if you are getting married in December do not choose red and green but consider silver and rose gold instead! They will be perfect for setting the right wedding mood in an exceptional way! Or for a summer wedding go for lavender, yellow or sky blue!

You will realize that choosing the perfect colors for your wedding it won’t be too hard with these simple tips. Just imagine your dream day, look around you and you will be surprised to discover new shades of colors that you have never thought about!

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