What’s the Perfect Italian Wedding Location for You?


Everybody knows that Italy has a wealth of stunning and dreamy locations for your wedding day. Imagine walking up the Spanish Steps in Rome, or a gondola ride in Venice as your getaway. This list of our favorite locations will help you choose your ideal place to celebrate your love!

Looking for Romance?

Venice is a special location for weddings. The city on water is one of the favorite wedding destinations and the reason is simple and clear. Gorgeous scenarios, bridges connecting one part of the city to the other and romantic gondola rides after the ceremony are only a few extras this city has to offer you during your special day. Verona, the home city of Romeo and Juliet, is another loved location if you are dreaming about a romantic wedding. Choose between a traditional trattoria in the heart of the city or a ceremony out in the hills. Verona will give you and your guests a memorable experience. On the other coast of Italy, Portovenere (Liguria) is another stunning location, with its flower-covered streets and the castle. This seaport town is ready to host you and to be the starting point of your honeymoon to Cinque Terre.

Looking for Italian Tradition?

Tuscany and Umbria are all times favorites if you want to experience a real Italian wedding in an elegant villa, a traditional vineyard or a fairytale castle. These country options will give a sense of peace and tranquility to your ceremony and will offer you a way to escape from the chaotic city life.

Looking for History and Culture?

If you want to incorporate the beauty of Italian architecture and culture into your big day, choose one of Italy’s historical centers, such as Rome, Florence or Agrigento. A photo on a Vespa in front of the Colosseo or beneath the Duomo of Florence will give you and your guests a unique Italian taste. Another option for your cultural wedding is the island of Sicily, which in the past received multiple cultural influences from the ancient Greeks, Turks, Romans and Arabs.

Photo Credits: Monica Leggio

Looking for Exceptionality?

Portofino and Ravello are tiny but beautiful seaside towns filled with elegant boutiques, art galleries and delicious restaurants. These two cities are some of the best places in Italy if you are planning an extravagant wedding. Colored houses, sea views and a breathtaking coastline will offer you a unique atmosphere for your one in a lifetime celebration!

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