The Perfect Dress for Each Bride: 2019 Collection

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Every single woman has lived at least once the frustrating experience of standing in front of her open wardrobe, silently staring at her clothes and thinking “I have nothing to wear” (lie, complete lie). If this struggle happens already in the everyday life, it must be even bigger when it comes to the Big Day: the wedding.

Choosing the right wedding dress is essential, but it is also one of the toughest things to do when planning a wedding. Million of boutiques to go to, million of styles to consider, and million of dresses to try on. Doing shopping for the magic day can be really stressful, and it is easy to get lost in the jungle of bridal boutiques.

In order for you to find your way before setting up on your shopping journey, here’s a mini guide to six different styles from the 2019 collection for six different brides.

Romantic Heroine

Love is in the air, but also in literature. How many times have you been daydreaming about your happily ever after while reading about some fairytale love? Now you can turn your dreams into reality, becoming your own heroine with the Romeo And Juliet collection, designed by Nicole and Alessandra Rinaudo. Take some romantic flowers, add some sensual transparency, and pour a little puffy shoulders: here you have a dress up to a Shakespeare’s masterpiece expectations.


As in A Painting

If you like art, then you should consider one of the new Vera Wang’s dresses, inspire to Flemish paintings, with their combination of pastel colors, and their almost excess of draped tulle covered corsets, and big gowns. Every single shadow of the dress will remind you of a perfect brushstroke, composing the painting of your eternal love.


Italian Tradition

Old but Gold is a valid motto also when choosing a wedding dress. This is why Carlo Pignatelli decides to inspire his new collection to the Italian tradition that guided him throughout his 50 years of designing. Intricate laces and delicate silks are combined together to preciously build classical lines. If you are a fan of the made in Italy, this is the right style for you.


  Lines and Shapes

For the elegant and modern woman, here is a new collection that comes directly from the vibrant atmosphere of the New York City, with its straight lines, and geometrical shapes drawing the skyline. Justin Alexander put all the best of NY in his Signature Collection, for those women that do not want to renounce to their independence and strength even on their special day.


Rockstar Mood

If you feel conflicted between your romantic and rock soul, then Elisabetta Polignano knows how to challenge you. In fact, her motto is ” being a woman is so fascinating. It is an adventure which need such a courage, and it is a challenge which never gets old.”  If you want to rock your wedding, then give this dress a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

Now you’re ready to go out, and find your perfect dress. And if you ever get lost, you can always come back here. We are here for you, and we will give you precious advice, answering all your questions and solving every doubt.

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