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3 Things to Know About Drone Wedding Photography

Drones…long used for aerial surveillance by the military, drones equipped with cameras are now appearing in the skies above weddings.

The pictures are AMAZING! Everything has changed from when the only way to get a shot from above involved the photographer performing precarious balancing acts. Now, we can get a 360-degree view of our weddings thanks to the high precision-level of drones. This is simply amazing!

And, as all new innovations in the wedding industry, there are some things to know when you decide to hire a photographer or videophotographer who offers drone services. Also, it’s always best to do researches before signing a contract.

1. Licenses and Registration

It is very important to know that while anybody can buy or fly a drone, drone operators who work for commercial business, such as a wedding photographer, must be licensed. Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has  specifically created a new test for drone operators who must be re-tested every two years. It is mandatory that everybody register their newly-purchased drone with the FAA before flying it.

2. Drone Insurance

Furthermore, wedding photographers/videophotographers who offer drone services must have added liability coverage for their flying equipment to their insurance policies, just in case something bad happens. This because, since drones fly over the heads of your wedding guests, it’s very important to confirm that your photographers have gotten coverage for their birds. Drone operators who want to film in locations that are not private homes must check in advance to find out the insurance requirements of the venue. In fact, many facilities and hotels do require proof of coverage before take-off.

3. Venue Restrictions

Even if many wedding venues allow the drone usage, others have strict rules about it. As such, hotels and venues that are open to the public, or host guests that are not for your wedding, are more restrictive about the use of flying photography on their property. However, it’s not so surprising. I mean, let’s be honest, who wants to become part of somebody else’s wedding video while they’re relaxing by the pool in a bathing suit? Many properties consider it as an invasion of their other guests’ privacy and they allow flight only directly above your reception and ceremony areas! So, f it’s important for you to have extensive drone coverage at your wedding venues, be sure to check out policies before you sign a contract.

Last but not least, remember that drones are not silent. Depending on the quality of the device, it can be rather loud. Even the quiet ones are still audible and can be distracting during your wedding ceremony. It happens quite often that guests can’t stop staring at them. Coordinate with your photographers and determine when you want sky-shots. I guess it’s worth a little bit of distraction for a few special moments, but I’m sure you you don’t want to film the entire ceremony 🙂

-If you want to have a practical example of a wedding venue filmed by a drone, visit our Instagram account @ebcevents and click on the IGT video “Villa Aurelia: a drone around our beautiful location in Rome”-


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