The Wedding Table Setting

 Chapter about the Wedding Table Setting!

No matter where you’re having your wedding reception, whether a cottage, a country club, or a tent on your parents’ lawn, you’ll need to figure out a wedding table setting!

One thing that can add a touch of class to your wedding is your wedding table settings. You can make your style stand out with how you choose to set your tables. You will select personal details for your dinner table that will make it unforgettable. You can decide to be casual, detailed, or even formal.

Here you have a list of wedding table setting examples to fit different tastes and styles. We would like to guide you on infusing your personality through your table setting design.

Setting a wedding table is far different from setting a regular dinner table. So we have put together a few tips for creating beautiful wedding table settings. We suggest you to include place settings, linens, centerpieces, stationery, chairs, favors and to make sure that they fit your color or theme scheme. Then, you can add any extra you want to complete your wonderful table, such as scented candles or pebbles!

Wedding Table Setting Examples

Simple Wedding Table Settings

A simple setting is always a classic. Neutral linens are the type of items you will need to create this timeless look. For wedding centerpieces you could have, roses, peonies or privets. While opting for a simple design, keep in mind that less is more!!

Basic Wedding Table Setting

A basic table setting is a typical classical setting. The order is from left to right: fork, plate, knives, spoons. For basic setting you can use a napkin, fresh flower or the menu itself as a decor. Basic often means also inexpensive setting!

Unique Wedding Table Setting 

Think outside the box. This is the secret to create something unique. Let inspiration guide you and be curious. Go to a flower market and choose what you like most, even if you never saw it before. If you dare, scarves may become beautiful table runners, bracelets could be napkin rings. Pick everything you desire and make unusual things be the perfect fit on your table. Uniqueness stands out and creates romantic wedding table settings, if well-balanced with harmony and good taste!

We have described the top-3 more frequent designs for a wedding table setting but there are many other, such as formal, without plates or casual. Regardless of the style you’ll may opt for, we would like to give you a very precious tip. A tip that experience has taught us. The more you’ll follow your personality, the more guests will appreciate your wedding table setting! In this way, guests associate what they see with you and that is what matters the day of your wedding, and nobody else!

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