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Bomboniere- an Italian traditional gift for guests on the wedding day

Each and every bride dreams to prepare a wedding in a perfect way and that is why tries to think carefully about each detail. Of course, a bride pays a lot of attention to choosing her dress, style of the wedding, wedding flowers. However, it is also important to remember small things too, as preparing a wedding is like writing a novel, each small detail matters.

Have you ever thought about getting also small presents for your guests on your wedding day?

A small sweet present for guests is a great way to express your gratitude and to share your happiness on this special day. Such present can be “Bomboniere”(a traditional Italian wedding gifts for guests that consists of candy-coated almonds, given out in small bags, in odd numbers, most often 3s and 5s. Three almonds symbolize the bride, the groom and their future child, and five almonds are the symbol of five wishes for the newleads: health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity. Historically, such sweet gifts are not only used in Italian weddings, but also in Greek and Middle Eastern wedding ceremonies. These sweets can be in different tastes and colors, and the bags for them can be in different shapes and sizes.
In Rome there are many agencies that can offer you a wide range of Bomboniere that will be in a harmony with the whole style of your wedding.
Here are some places where you can get beautiful, personalized Bomboniere if you are organizing wedding in Rome.

Italian wedding favors

1.Conti Confetteria
Palazzo Cardelli
Via di Pallacorda, 12
00186 Roma, Italy
Tel: [+39] 06 6830-7578
Web: http://www.conticonfetteria.it
Email: roma@conticonfetteria.it

Conti Cnfetteria offers many different flavors and colors of confetti for Bomboniere, and they sell hand-painted porcelain boxes for them. You can request even designs with the colors of your wedding. From both Conti Confetteria and Con-Bon Arenula you also have the option to simply purchase the confetti of your choice in bulk and serve them in a large dish or tray to guests without making them part of the wedding favor.

2.Con-Bon Arenula
Largo Arenula, 20
00186 Roma, Italy
Tel: [+39] 06 686-8008
Web: http://www.iconfettidirosemarie.com
Email: info@iconfettidirosemarie.com

Then there are also Il Fiocco Bomboniere and Curiosità which make exclusive handmade bomboniere which can include confetti. Otherwise you can order kind various personalized favors to decorate the tables. Curiosità, for example, sells small ceramic pots from Deruta, Umbria, which can be hand-painted with the couple’s initials and wedding date. These treasures filled with confetti can give an international wedding a twist of the authentic Italian wedding.

3.Il Fiocco Bomboniere
Palazzo Borghese
Largo della Fontanella Borghese, 19
Tel: [+39] 334 896-6343
Web: http://www.bombonierechic.com

Via degli Scipioni, 78
00192 Roma, Italy
Tel: [+39] 06 3972-4452
Web: http://www.curiositaonline.com
Email: info@curiositaonline.com

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Hope that this information will be useful for you and will help you during your wedding planning process.

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