How Can I Include my Culture and Traditions in my Wedding?


The wedding day is not only about you and your loved one. It is about the unification of two families with oftentimes different traditions and cultures. For this reason, your special day should honor both of your pasts and it should also creatively represent both families in order to be remembered as a great starting point of the marriage.

Photo Credits: Taylor & Porter

In some occasions, the bride and the groom like to honor their traditions by wearing a cultural outfit to the wedding or by carrying their families’ traditions in more subtle ways. For instance, many times brides style their bouquet or hair with culturally significant flowers. Other times, they choose gowns or shoes that modernly interpret traditional clothes.

To give your special day a unique twist, consider choosing music for the ceremony or the reception that represents you or your fiancé’s family. You can also include in the ceremony historical rites. Your guests will love seeing your traditions honored and learning something new!

Once the ceremony is concluded, you can continue to incorporate touches of your traditions in cocktails and appetizers, but also in the reception décor and activities. Plan a traditional dance performance or have an instructor teach your guests a cultural dance. It will fill your night with fun and uniqueness, and you will be surprised to see how love and great experiences unify all!

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